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Airbnb and HomeAway settle suit with San Francisco over short-term rental law
San Francisco prevailed against Airbnb and HomeAway - short term rentals are limited to 60 days of the year, and must be properly registered and insured. We hope our San Diego City Council and City Attorney take note Barbara Bry, Lorie Zapf, Christopher Ward, Myrtle Cole, Mark Kersey, Chris J Cate, Councilmember Scott Sherman, David Alvarez, Georgette Gomez and San Diego City Attorney Mara Elliott.
California is about to revolutionize climate policy … again
"The significance of SB 775 is not just that it would rationalize and accelerate carbon reductions in California, but that it would show other jurisdictions what ambitious, state-of-the-art carbon-pricing policy looks like. It might even — ironically given the state’s heavily blue politics — chart a course toward bipartisan carbon policy. It is, after all, California, where all things are possible."
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